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Makah Bay Offshore Wave Energy Pilot Project

Finavera Renewables Limited (Finavera Renewables), a private Irish renewable energy company, with a growing presence in the US and Canada, is proud to announce a further significant step in developing the United States’ first commercial wave energy power plant.

AquaEnergy Group Ltd, an Ocean Energy division of Finavera Renewables, has now submitted an application for a license to construct the Makah Bay Offshore Wave Energy Pilot Project. This application marks a significant milestone for wave energy development in the United States.

AquaEnergy is developing the Makah Bay Offshore Wave project to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of wave energy conversion power plants in utilizing ocean resources to generate clean, renewable energy. The research and demonstration of the AquaBuOY pilot plant would contribute to advances in the worldwide ocean energy industry.

The Makah Bay Wave Energy Pilot Project will consist of the patented ‘AquaBuOY’ technology.

AquaBuoYs are modular devices with a nameplate power rating of 250 kW, grouped together three miles offshore. A consortium formed for the project includes the Makah Indian Nation, Clallam County Public Utility District (‘PUD’), Washington State University, Bonneville Power Administration through the Northwest Energy Innovation Center, Clallam County Economic Development Council, and AquaEnergy.

Alla Weinstein, CEO AquaEnergy and the first President of the European Ocean Energy
Association, said, “This is an exciting moment for all those who made this significant milestone a reality. Being the first comes with certain responsibility and willingness to create something that does not yet exist. This certainly has been the case in establishing the permitting and licensing process for ocean energy projects in the United States. Our application to FERC, being the first in the nation, indicates that we are ready to move from research to commercialization. This represents a major step in creation of a new industry – the Ocean Energy industry ”

According to Fred Mitchell, Telecommunications and Power Resources Manager, Clallam County PUD, “The renewable power produced by the project will contribute to the generation mix in the region. This energy source also aligns with Clallam County PUD’s objective to provide clean energy to customers.”

The Makah Tribal Council Chairman, Ben Johnson Jr, concluded, “The Makah Tribe has interest in using energy derived from renewable resources. The Makah Nation chose to partner in this project due to the environmental integrity and low impact of AquaEnergy’s offshore buy technology over competing technologies.”


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