martes, agosto 14, 2007

TECHNOLOGY: Underwater Turbine looking new energy [video]

Verdant Power hopes to make foreign oil and energy pollutants a thing of the past by building six underwater turbines that convert current to energy. But first, they have to work out the kinks.

The operation, which only started in December, is currently under construction. According to reports, the strong currents are what are causing the damage to the turbines.

The company, its partners and state officials who have financially banked the project, are saying that this is only a setback and that the project will eventually be successful. Even after more money had to be poured into the project to repair damages, people involved in the endeavor were optimistic.

Mollie E. Gardner, a geologist for Verdant Power who owns the equipment, said, "But the good thing is that there's more power in the East River than we thought."

The project proved that the turbines can create 1,000 kilowatt hours a day of clean energy, according to reports. Now the mechanisms will be shut down until the company can figure out how to fix them.

Trey Taylor, the habitually optimistic founder of Verdant Power, said, "The only way for us to learn is to get the turbines into the water and start breaking them."
Via: AHN

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