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UNITED STATES: Bush Sets Global Warming Conference in September

President George W. Bush invited representatives from the world's largest economies as well as from developing countries to a Sept. 27-28 conference on global warming in Washington.

Bush, in an invitation letter released at the White House today, said he hoped that the major economies would find a way by the end of next year to ``agree upon a post-2012 framework that could include a long-term global goal, nationally defined mid- term goals and strategies'' for improving energy security and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

``We expect to place special emphasis on how major economies can, in close cooperation with the private sector, accelerate the development and deployment of clean technologies,'' Bush said in the letter to leaders of the Group of Eight nations and countries such as China, India and Brazil.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also convened a conference on climate change for September, building on a pledge by leaders from the Group of Eight (the U.S., U.K., Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and Canada) to tackle greenhouse-gas emissions.

Bush called the September conference an ``initial session,'' with the aim of further meetings through 2008 ``to further refine our plans and accelerate our progress on this important challenge.''

A total of 15 countries were invited in addition to the leaders of the European Union and the UN.

Via: Bloomberg
by Hans Nichols

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