viernes, febrero 08, 2008

CANADA: Mondial Energy Announces Photovoltaic SOP Contract With Crown Holding

Mondial Energy is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Standard Offer Price contract with the Ontario Power Authority for a 326 kW photovoltaic panel installation. The designed installation is more than three times larger than anything built in Canada to date. Under the SOP contract, Mondial will receive $0.42 per kWh for 20 years for the electricity from the panels delivered in to the electricity grid.

The site is the roof of a warehouse owned by CROWN Metal Packaging, a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, in Weston, Ontario. Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding with Crown, Mondial will pay a roof lease to Crown for the use of the roof. Mondial is currently in negotiations with turnkey installation contractors for construction of the PV site.

Mondial has applied for a second SOP contract for another Crown site. "Crown is excited about the opportunity to create environmentally friendly energy from renewable resources," said Raymond L. McGowan, President, Americas Division. "This initiative is one more example of our commitment to sustainability and resource usage reduction as expressed in our Corporate Sustainability Policy."

Source: SPX
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