domingo, febrero 03, 2008

EMIRATES: Qatar to build solar power complexes

Qatar is considering building one of the world's largest solar power complexes to help meet demand, which could increase four-fold over the next 30 years, the Middle East Economic Digest reported.

Gulf states have about 30 per cent of the world's oil reserves and 8pc of its gas, but an economic boom spurred by record crude prices is driving demand for power and water so rapidly that many are considering turning to alternative energies including nuclear.

Qatar expects to add 16,260mw of power to the national grid between 2011 to 2036, almost four times current capacity of 4,200mw, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation senior business development planner Salah Hamza said.

The solar complex would have capacity of 3,500mw by 2013, Hamza said.

The government of Abu Dhabi is also planning to build a solar power plant as part of its $15 billion proposals to develop green energy. Hamza said the solar complex was part of a wider plan that could include construction of a nuclear power plant.

Source: Gulf Daily News

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