jueves, noviembre 13, 2008

ECOFRIENDLY The BlueTEC from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is ahead of the game, because its new ecofriendly vehicle is marvelous, that is called the Blue TEC is a kind of clean-diesel SUVs. There are some ad TV from Mercedes-Benz TV that I watched recently.

The BlueTEC from Mercedes-Benz, reduces nitrogen oxides by up to 80 per 100. This is the only engine that meets the strict exhaust emission standards of the future. This BlueTEC technology allows Mercedes SUVs to keep their horsepower but can get better fuel economy than some hybrids. Mercedes prides its new re-invention on the fact that this new diesel engine has less noise, odor, and harmful emissions.

Mercedes also claims that by adding a solution called AdBlue into the exhaust, BlueTEC can reduce smog. With its strong focus on sustainability and conserving resources, Mercedes-Benz in mapping out the future of environmentally compatible automotive engineering. The urea is stored in liquid form a tank on board the vehicle and slowly injected into the exhaust stream where it forms ammonia that reacts with the NOx and converts it to water and nitrogen. The tank is sized so that the vehicle should be able to go close to 15,000 miles without replenishment.
It seems like the word “diesel” and the phrase “eco-friendly” should not be in the same sentence but now it can be. If you want to change the world, need to be a green citizen. Try with Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC.

Source Mercedes Benz

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