viernes, abril 20, 2007

GLOBAL WARMING: USA urges India to use more clean energy

The United States urged India on Thursday to bank more on renewable energy sources to meet its soaring demand as that would help curb rising global fossil fuel prices. US Assistant Secretary of Commerce, David Bohigian, said although India was using clean energy, policy-makers needed to do more to promote renewable energy.

"Renewables are a national security solution and business solution," Bohigian told a business conference.

If the US and India worked together they could change the global energy scenario from one where rising demand in Asia was putting pressure on prices to one where rising supplies would ease such pressure and help development, he said.

US officials say working together to develop renewable energy sources and clean fossil fuel technology will also help curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impacts of global warming.

India and the United States are part of the Asia-Pacific Partnership - along with China, Japan, South Korea and Australia - which favour a voluntary approach to reducing emissions.

The alliance - which is made of the world's biggest polluters - aims to use technology, rather than binding Kyoto-style caps, to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

But environmentalists are sceptical about the approach, saying that the pact is voluntary and does not commit countries to the kind of emissions cuts which are required to prevent global warming.

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