martes, mayo 22, 2007

DUBAI: the energy Wind and The Fisher Towers

Marvelous. I was reading the update from Domokyo and I found a interesting project about eco buildings. This project is a propouse of the designer DAVID FISHER, this project is using a wind turbine between every floor.

Dr David Fisher, Architect and Town Planner, is an Italian citizen, who has been passionately working on redefining the technical and technological extremes of buildings, especially in urban centres like New York, Moscow, Hong Kong, Paris and Dubai, for over three decades now.

Fisher started as an artist in Florence , the home of Italian Renaissance. After graduating with Honors from the University of Florence in 1976, Fisher started teaching Architecture in the same university and at the School of Structural Engineering .

With David’s Tower you gonnna find the integration of a large wind turbine sandwiched between each floor giving the tower its potential for energy. Inserted at every other floor, the turbines alone might be enough of an energy generator to stop residences heads from spinning, giving the penthouse owners at the top of the building the ability to control their view rotating to their hearts content. You should imagine that such a unique tower would be destined for the Dubai skyline, but Fischer plans to build this tower in a place only fitting of its energy potential, in the windy city of Chicago.

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