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EMIRATES :Energy City in green venture

As the concept of Sustainable Development (SD) continues to gain momentum throughout the Middle East, an increasing majority of property developers are ‘going green’ as they comprehend the environmental, social and economic benefits associated with the initiative.

Energy City Qatar, the Gulf’s first hydrocarbon industry business cluster, is living up to its ‘inspired by nature’ axiom by incorporating a myriad of ‘green building’ practices into its operations designed to benefit both developers and residents.

Broadly defined as any structure that is designed, constructed, renovated or operated in such a manner as to minimise its impact on the environment, protect the health of its occupants and utilize resources efficiently, ‘green building’ is the new buzzword in popular architecture, supported by inexhaustible data, results and statistics promoting its benefits.

Energy Management Services (EMS) is the leading energy saving company in the Middle East and provides a portfolio of comprehensive solutions that enable premises to optimise their energy performance and achieve savings without compromising their operations or services.

Through an Energy Efficient Architecture (EEA) analysis, the company delivers a systematic evaluation directed at analysing the function of systems, processes and building equipment for the purpose of achieving required functions at the lowest cost.

Energy City Qatar is promoting ‘green building’ practices.
Drawing on 15 years of regional experience in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, EMS will offer tailor-made ‘green’ solutions for the Energy City Qatar development to ensure LEED certification and maximum benefits for the project predicted to become one of the Middle East’s most recognised business clusters.

“The fact that an energy business centre is going ‘green’ is an unmistakable indication to the world that natural resources must be conserved, especially in the Middle East where fresh water is scarce,” said Khaled Bushnaq, managing director, EMS.

“By incorporating effective ‘green’ solutions, Energy City Qatar is setting a great example for other Middle Eastern developers to construct sustainable communities that support conservation of energy and water resources.

“The EMS solutions are guaranteed to increase profitability, increase operational productivity, increase equipment efficiency, increase the life span of the equipment and additionally enhance company image.

“With these assurances, the question is no longer why build ‘green’; but rather, why wouldn’t you?” Bushnaq added.

EMS will promote energy saving opportunities within the Energy City Qatar project through procedures including analysing functions, reviewing design and techniques, optimising system design, introducing energy control systems, analysing energy bills, managing utilities, optimising energy saving equipment and recommending alternative energy sources.

By incorporating these ‘green’ strategies, both tenants and developers will gain a myriad of environmental, social and economic benefits.

For instance, EMS solutions are designed to improve air and water quality, reduce waste streams, conserve natural resources and promote energy efficiency.

By measuring and verifying energy system performance and ensuring a rigid compliance with regulations, Energy City Qatar will maximise its environmental performance while minimising its ecological footprint.

By doing so, tenants will achieve many social benefits such as enhanced comfort and health, heightened aesthetic qualities and an improved overall quality of life.

By minimizing the strain on the local infrastructure, EMS solutions promote integration of state-of-the-art technologies that contribute to improved stakeholder interest and increase the project’s reputation and equity as an environmentally desirable location.

Energy City Qatar’s CEO, Hesham Al Emadi, states:

“The most attractive reasons for many developers to integrate ‘green’ solutions into their projects, however, are the considerable economic incentives.

“EMS solutions will ensure Energy City Qatar will benefit from reduced operational costs, reduced capital and installation costs, reduced maintenance and labour costs in addition to reduced water costs”

Al Emadi added: “Furthermore, by improving the operational performance of energy systems, EMS solutions contribute to reduced running costs and energy consumption, potentially saving thousands on utility bills for tenants of Energy City Qatar.

“The built environment has a vast impact on the environment, human health, and the economy and achieving these superior solutions is both attainable and measurable as on average, EMS projects achieve a twenty to forty per cent reduction in electrical bills and a payback period of around two years.

“By implementing these responsible environmental standards, Energy City Qatar lives up to its reputation as a magnet for international industry leaders in oil and gas production and should be commended,” Bushnaq said.

Energy City Qatar (ECQ) is a fully integrated business cluster that will be the Gulf’s first oil and gas industry hub.

ECQ will be a single point of access to the Middle East and global Oil & Gas players in the hydrocarbon value chain.

  • ECQ is a $2.6 billion project
  • Low-rise office & residential
  • The world’s first fully connected business cluster
  • World class offices for 20,00 people and luxury residences for 10,000 people

Envisioned by Gulf Energy, ECQ aims to attract the industry leaders in O&G production, IOCs, NOCs, support services, infrastructure and downstream activities, shipping and trading, market and resource data, intellectual property and energy trading.

ECQ forms part of the major new city development, Lusail, which in addition to major business and entertainment districts, will be home to up to 200,000 residents.

Qatar is the most progressive, business friendly and the fastest growing economy in the Middle East. Home to the world’s third largest natural gas reserves, Qatar has a stable and maturing political environment, a free press, and internationally recognised regulatory environment.

ECQ’s lead financial advisor is Gulf Finance House, and PFC Energy is its strategic advisor. Its strategic partners are Abu Dhabi Investment House and Kuwait Investment Company.

Gulf Energy, a global consortium of energy experts, is at the forefront of the energy industry’s innovative business thinking.

Gulf Energy works to generate high value-adding ideas and see them implemented to the benefit energy stakeholders worldwide. Energy City Qatar, the Middle East’s first energy business centre, is the strategic concept of Gulf Energy.

Acting as chief technology advisor, Accelerator Technology Holdings, a company aimed at helping identify, invest in and build best of breed ventures in the ICT value chain in the Arab world, is a co-signatory to the MoU between Gulf Energy, Microsoft. Accelerator Technology Holdings, a leading regional ICT investment firm, will lead this initiative and translate the vision of Energy City-Qatar into a master-plan with clear objectives and defined opportunities.

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