domingo, noviembre 25, 2007

UGANDA: Energy for Rural Transformation Project

The Energy for Rural Transformation Project is in support of the First Phase of the Energy for Rural Transformation Program. The purpose of the long-term program is to develop Uganda's rural energy and information/communication technologies (ICT) sectors so as to bring about rural transformation. The central objective of the first phase is to put in place "on-the-ground" a functioning conducive environment and related capacity for commercially oriented, sustainable service delivery of rural/renewable energy and ICTs.

The project consists of four components, of which three will be implemented by the private sector.
  1. The main grid related power distribution and generation component will finance investments in presently unserved rural areas that will be connected to the main grid. It will also provide Global Environment Facility (GEF) grants for qualifying renewable energy investments.
  2. The second component will support independent grid systems that may require some transmission as well as smaller systems.
  3. The third component will be implemented by private companies who will market, sell, and install PV products and provide after sales services. It will finance GEF grants for installing solar PV systems in homes, public health, educational and water institutions, and selected rural enterprises.
  4. The cross-sectoral linkages component will be implemented by the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Education, and Water for such sectors
Via: WorldBank

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